Getting Started with Tempo Planner

Welcome to Tempo Planner!

When it comes to optimizing capacity and organizing workloads, there’s nothing like Tempo Planner to get the job done.

Tempo Planner is an effective and efficient resource planning and capacity reporting tool that give you visibility into one of your most valued assets: time. With Tempo Planner, managers and executives can see the capacity of available resources in one place, whether they are in different office locations or working remotely. They can also easily create plans, which are a record of time allocated to work on projects. 

The Resource Planning view is your main planning workspace, giving you all the features you need to visualize and plan time easily. It provides a critical view across your organization to allow for effective decisions based on real-time data rather than static calendars.

You can even plan time for multiple resources on a single Jira issue. There are several scenarios for using Tempo Planner: 

  • Resource managers/directors can allocate resources to projects

  • Team leads can create and manage plans for their team members

  • Team members can create plans for themselves, such as mapping out their vacation time