Planned Time Reports


Planned Time reports show how much time has been planned on projects


  • You must have Tempo Planner installed to access Planned Time reports.

  • To report on planned time, you need to have Tempo Planner installed. Viewing plans requires the View Plans permission.

The Planned Time report is designed to give you insight into the time that has been planned on projects based on teams and individual users. In both cases, you can opt to display total hours worked and billable hours -- and can refine the data by projects, teams, roles, accounts, and more.

Planned Time report shows how much time has been planned on projects

Watch this video to see how to run a Planned Time report:

To create a Planned Time report, select Reports Reports_LessPadding_copy.png in the Tempo sidebar and click the Planned Time tile on the Reports page.

Creating a report from the Resource Planning View

You can also generate a Planned Time report from the Resource Planning view. The advantage of this is that the report will use the time period and filters that are currently used in the Resource Planning view - it's all set up for you!

  1. Select Planner planner_icon.png from the sidebar to open the Resource Planning page.

  2. Click on the ellipsis ellipsis-button.png in the upper-right and select Planned Time under View in Report.

  3. The Planned Time report opens with your current Resource Planner data, but you can modify the formatting or filter, group and/or sort the data as you like.