Setting Rates


How to set rates

When you create a Cost Tracker project, you set the default hourly rate that is used to calculate the costs of each team member’s work. This is probably okay to get an initial cost of hours worked, but you can change this hourly rate and also add different rates per team member. 


Cost rates are defined at the project level and can only be viewed by a project owner or collaborator. A Jira Administrator can only view the cost rates of a Tempo project if they are the owner or collaborator of that project.

To define the rates:
  1. Click Configuration in the upper-right.

  2. Select Rates on the left.

  3. Set any of the following rates:

    • Hourly Cost Rate: This rate is automatically applied to all members of the project team. When a team member logs time for the first time, the default rate is automatically applied.

    • Team Member Hourly Rates: You can set an hourly rate for any team member who has logged time on your project. This rate is then used instead of the Default Hourly Rate for this team member. All hours logged by this team member are calculated with this rate regardless of when you added it.


Revenue Tracking lets you add a Billing Rate to logged hours - see Tracking a Project's Revenue for information.

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