Assigning Team Roles


How to assign team roles

Cost Tracker references the list of team roles defined for your organization in Tempo Timesheets. You can add, edit, and delete team roles, as well as specify the default role for your organization from the Tempo Settings > Team Roles page.


To access the Team Roles page in Tempo Settings, you need the Jira Administrator permissions or the Tempo Team Administrator permission.

You can assign a specific role to each member on your project team in Cost Tracker.

To assign a role:
  1. Click Configuration in the upper-right.

  2. Select Roles & Rates on the left.

  3. Select a role from the drop-down list for each member.


    If you do not assign a role, the default role for your organization is applied – the default Tempo role is member.

    Configuration team roles

If you delete a role assigned to project team member, they are automatically assigned the default role. A warning icon indicates that the assigned role was deleted, and the default role is grayed out. You can immediately assign a new role if you like.

Delete team role in Configuration