Working with the Project Team


How to work with the project team

The Project Team is composed of everyone who has logged time on issues in your project scope.

Viewing Team Details

Select the Team tab in the upper-right to get an immediate overview the total labor costs and time spent for your project, and view their breakdown by Role. You can also see the total Cost and Time Spent for each team member.  

You can set individual hourly rates for team members and assign team roles to individual members from the Configuration > Roles & Rates tab.

Team tab


  • Users who have logged time on your project during the project timeframe set, and have since been deactivated, are grayed out in the team member list. This indicates that they will not be logging any additional time.

  • Any time logged outside of the project timeframe, or logged for a future date is not calculated.

Revenue data for team members

If you've turned on Revenue Tracking from the Configuration > Roles & Rates tab, the amount of Revenue generated and number of Billable hours are shown for each member for this project.

Team tab revenue