Sharing Cost Tracker Projects


How to share Cost Tracker projects


  • Accessing Tempo Cost Tracker requires that you be granted the Tempo Cost Tracker Access global permission. Only Jira administrators in your organization are granted access by default. 

  • You cannot change the Project Owner of a Cost Tracker project.

As the Project Owner, you can share your project with collaborators, those are selected Cost Tracker users who need access to project information, or who collaborate in managing the project. When you share a project with others, they can edit and update the project scope and configuration, and also share the project with other Cost Tracker users. However, only the Project Owner can change the Jira filter used to define the project scope.

To share a Cost Tracker project:
  1. Click Configuration at the top-right.

  2. Select Sharing on the left. 

  3. Begin typing in the search box to find the Jira user with whom you would like to share your project, then click Add. The user is added to the list below the Project Owner.



  • A warning icon will appear next to a person's name to indicate that a Jira administrator must add them to a group that has been granted the global Tempo Cost Tracker Access permission before they can collaborate on your project.

  • To remove a person's access to a Cost Tracker project, simply hover over their name and click Remove Access.