Updating a Project Scope


How to update a project scope

If you are the Project Owner, or have been invited to collaborate on the project, you are notified in the Scope view when Jira issues are added to, or even deleted from, the project scope.

You can sync the project scope with Jira immediately from the notification, or wait until later.

You can also open the Jira issue navigator directly from Scope drop-down to view the Jira filter details.

Scope Change message

You can always view details for the most recent sync to see exactly what changed.

To update a project scope:
  1. Select Sync Scope from the Scope drop-down at the top-right.

    Scope dropdown menu
  2. Cost Tracker displays a list of all added and deleted tasks. Click Sync to update your project scope.

    Sync results
To view the list of Jira issues in your project scope:
  1. Select View Filter in Jira from the Scope drop-down. 

  2. Tempo opens the Jira Issue Navigator for the project filter in a new tab.