Changing the Project Scope (Jira Filter)


How to change the project scope using the Jira filter.

If you are the Project Owner, you can change the Jira filter you are using to define the project scope. This is especially useful if you have similar filters and have initially imported the wrong one!

When you change the project scope, you are only changing the Jira filter.

  • You retain any groupings you created to define the project structure. 

  • If the new Jira filter you select includes any of the same issues, they are automatically grouped as they were originally. 

You can also open the Jira issue navigator directly from Cost Tracker to view the Jira filter details.

To change the project scope:
  1. Select Change Scope from the Scope drop-down located at the top-right.

    Scope dropdown menu
  2. In the Select Filter dialog, begin typing in the search field to quickly find the the Jira filter, select it from the list and click Apply.

    Change Scope

Favorite filters appear at the top of the list in alphabetical order. All other filters are ordered alphabetically. 


The filter list displays only the Jira filters to which you have access.