Configuring Your Cost Tracker Project


How to configure your Cost Tracker project

On the Configuration tab in the upper-right, you can configure and modify many project settings:

  • General - set and modify the basic project settings, including a budget.

  • Roles & Rates - set hourly cost and billing rates for team members (Setting Rates) and assign roles to project team members (Assigning Team Roles).

  • Sharing - share your project with one or more collaborators - see Sharing Cost Tracker Projects.

General Settings

Set your project budget and currency, set a timeframe for your project, and delete a project. 



If you select Create and Configure in the Create Project dialog and have selected a Jira filter to set your project scope, the Timeframe field displays 'Calculating...' while your scope is being imported. 

  • Project Currency: The default currency is set to USD United States Dollar ($). Click the field to select the desired currency from the list. The selected currency is applied to all costs and expenses in your project.

  • Budget: Set a single budget inline or set budget milestones - see Adding a Budget

  • Delete Project - see Deleting a Cost Tracker Project.