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Integrate with GitHub

Integrating GitHub provides more data to Capacity Insights, so it can provide more accurate insights.

The app reads data from the following events, captured through GitHub’s webhooks:

  • Create

  • Push

  • Commit

  • Pull Request

The data is used to associate the work with a Jira issue and to estimate how much time is spent working on coding tasks for the issue.

A GitHub admin account must add the Tempo Time Tracking app to their GitHub organization. You can restrict the app to specific repositories or allow time tracking in all of the code bases. Members of the organization can then connect their accounts so their time can be tracked. Tempo Administrators can also enable time tracking in GitHub on behalf of team members.

We recommend that you include the Jira issue key in your commit messages to ensure that the app associates the work with the correct issue.

Before You Begin

  • You must have credentials for an organization owner in GitHub.

Install the Tempo Time Tracking GitHub App for your Organization

  1. In Jira, navigate to the Tempo app.

  2. Select Apps in the Tempo sidebar.

  3. On the GitHub integration tile, click Install.
    You are prompted to continue to GitHub to configure the connection. You may need to authenticate your account.

  4. The Tempo Time Tracking GitHub App page opens. Click Install or Configure.

  5. Choose where you want to install the app when prompted.
    If a target includes Configure, the app is already installed in that repository.

  6. Choose which repositories you want to track time in.

    • Select All repositories if you want time tracking for all your repositories, including any future repositories.

    • Select Only select repositories if you want to limit time tracking to specific repositories. You can then choose which repositories that the app can read.

  7. To allow the app to read information for the integration, click Install.


When installed, Tempo Time Tracking is listed in your GitHub organization’s Settings page under Third-party Access.

You can now connect your Tempo users to their GitHub accounts.

Update Your Access

In your GitHub organization’s Settings page, you can:

  • Change the repositories that Tempo Time Tracking can access

  • Temporarily suspend access to your resources

  • Remove the Tempo Time Tracking app from your organization



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